Our CBD oil is derived from organic hemp and is completely pure. Most of our products are free of THC, the phytocannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects people associate with cannabis. We make sure that our oil contains the phytocannabinoids and terpenes necessary to create the “entourage effect.” This effect is the result of the synergy between naturally occurring compounds within the hemp plant wherein each compound influences other compounds to produce a wide array of effects. While many companies who make CBD products isolate the phytocannabinoids, a great deal of research indicates that terpenes and phytocannabinoids working together provides the widest range of benefits. This is why Rainbow Enterprises will never compromise on our full-spectrum CBD products.

We are passionate about providing everyone with the best CBD oil on the market while simultaneously educating the public about the incredible solutions CBD may offer. We feel that people are missing out, and we want to lead the way toward positive change. We urge you to try our products and contact us with questions. Shop with us today!